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The 11th Annual MOA LONG RANGE
"Cold Turkey" Handgun Match
June 15-16-17th, 2017

Handguns Only!   ENTRY FORM  Handguns Only!

Name   ________________________________________________________________________________

Address:   ______________________________________________________________________________


Telephone:   _______________________________ Cell Phone (optional):   _________________________

Light Gun Class:  ____________ Hunter Class:   ___________ Heavy Gun Class:  ____________

Handgun Description :   _________________Chambering:  ______________  Barrel Length:   _________  Total Gun Weight:   __________

2017 Bench Match (Prepayment*) Fees:**

Entry Fee: $70.00 (initial entry), $60.00 each additional Class
Re-entries $40.00 each  ________ (re-entry does not count for score, prizes, or awards)
Entry Fee: Spouse & Children (age 10 to 14 yrs.) (minimum 10 yrs or older to compete) $30.00      Re-entries $25.00 each

*Bench Match Entries paid the day of the shoot will be charged an extra $10.00...please save money, pay in advance!*

**We ask that you PLEASE submit your Bench Match entries by May 15th, 2017, so that we can plan, food, etc.**

*****PLEASE have your entry form filled out the morning of the match in advance to save time!!

Make Check to: M.O.A. Corp (1,000 yd Handgun Club)
Mail to: M.O.A. Corp (1,000 yd Handgun Club)
285 Government Valley Rd
Sundance,     WY     82729
Telephone #   (307) 283-3030

An Invitation to the World!

International Shooters: Please be sure to submit your entry early so that we may provide
any necessary correspondence that you may require. This is the BATF application form
that is required to obtain approval to bring your firearms and ammunition into the States.



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