MOA Shooters Committee 2008 Match Photos MOA Shooters Committee 2008 Match Photos

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Photos from the 2008 Match...
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Above: The "2008 Attendees":
(Standing L-R)Steve Mertz, Larry Lampman, Jim Handley, Host: Rich Mertz, Slim Lundeen, Ray Prager, Bob Baker (Freedom Arms)
(Kneeling L-R)Ernie Bishop, Steve Hugel, Marc Sheehan, Albert Mertz
(Absent from photo was Patrick Auer, daughter Becky, and Erik Bishop)

The 2008 Winners:

500yd. Light Gun, Ernie Bishop, 6.5-284 M.O.A.
500yd. Heavy Gun, Steve Hugel, 6.5 WSM XP

750yd. Light Gun, Patrick Auer, 6.5-284 M.O.A.
750yd. Heavy Gun, Ernie Bishop, 6.5-284 XP

1,000yd. Light Gun, Marc Sheehan, 243AI M.O.A.
1,000yd. Heavy Gun, Jim Handley, 6.5-284 XP

2008 Match Photos

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

(Above left:) Slim's 1st Prairie Dog!
(Above right:) Ernie readies his MOA for bench duty

(Above left:) Slim using his T/C Contender in .223
(Above right:) And using his XP in .264/.284

(Above left:) Ray Prager shows his bench setup
(Above right:) Steve Hugel with his XP in 6.5 WSM

Above Left: Erik Bishop shows his competitive form...
Above Right: On the benches, near to far:Patrick Auer, Jim Handley, Spotting, near to far:
Steve Hugel on those awesome "Big Eyes", Becky Auer spotting for Dad, and Ray Causton.

Above Left: (near to far) On the benches: Jim Handley, Marc Sheehan, Patrick Auer,
and spotting, (near to far) Steve Hugel, Larry Lampman, and Becky Auer, still spotting for "Dad".
Albert Mertz, Range officer, is standing in the back left.
Above Right:Erik Bishop with Ernie, Bob Baker, and spotter Ray Causton.

(Above left:) Marc Sheehan displays his cold weather boots...
(Above right:) Ray Causton at the Mountain View Campground cabins.

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This page has been created by the "MOA Shooters Committee", comprised of past and future participants of the MOA Match, with the permission and acknowledgment of Gateway Precision Arms and MOA Corporation. The Committee's interest is to promote and enhance participation in this Match, and in the sport of long range handgunning. Our combined goal is to "share the knowledge of techniques, technology, and equipment that will enhance our experience and success in the sport". Our continual interest in product development and improvement via our feedback as users, will serve to stimulate vendor participation with the introduction of products that work for our (handgunning) needs. And finally, by encouraging the "new" shooter, we will enable the sport to grow.

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