MOA Shooters Committee 2011 Event Calendar MOA Shooters Committee 2011 Event Calendar

Event Calendar
MOA Long Range Match 2018


  • June 20th, Wednesday Afternoon,  **Preparation Day** We will be setting up the range for the Bench Match.

  • June 21st, Thursday 7 A.M. M.S.T. We all MEET at the MOA Shop, get our bench assignments, etc. We then drive out to the range, (about 10 miles) and we'll shoot the 500 yard event, and proceed to the 750 yard stage.....(the barbecue will be on Friday in 2016)

  • June 22nd, Friday 8 A.M. We all meet at the RANGE, and if necessary, complete the 750 yard stage, and then will move on to the 1,000 yard event. At the end of the day, we head back to MOA for the barbecue!

  • June 23rd, Saturday 8 A.M. Again, we meet at the RANGE, and complete firing the 1,000 yard event, if necessary.

  • Come by and meet everyone! Even if you are not shooting the "Bench" events, Saturday is an "open invite" day, if you are in the area, please stop by to get acquainted! Check out the equipment or just talk guns and shooting!

  • Saturday P.M. after the shootin', we clean up the range, take down the target stands and steel, etc. Once that is done, we head back to MOA for Door Prizes, Winners Trophies, Prizes, etc. We try to make it an early night to allow for travel, etc.

  • Necessities for the Match
    by Gary Morris

    Items to consider (what you'll need to bring) for this years shoot:

    Hearing Protection: Do yourself a favor..invest in best quality hearing protection. The Specialty Handgun "arena" is a loud one...short barrels, large cartridges, and muzzle brakes have most of us doubling our protection...inner ear plus muffs.

    Accomodations - Three decent motels in Sundance but very limited dining choices. Check our website for local accomodations.  If you are coming with the family I would suggest staying in Spearfish SD.  This town has most of the chain motels and restaurants.  Even has a wallyworld for forgotten necessities.  This is a 30 min. drive from Sundance. If staying in Sundance, the Best Western is nice.

    The range - The match is held on leased ranch/grazing land.  There is enough parking for a large turnout but we need to be mindful to the owners.  This year the match is being held in late June so expect temps of mid 80's.  The grass will be dry.  It would be a good suggestion to carpool from the motels if possible.  Also because of the dry grass a vehicle with some ground clearance so as not to catch the grass on fire from a hot catalytic converter is suggested.  Elevation at the range is approx. 4830 feet. At this elevation, remember to bring SUNSCREEN !

    There is no shade at the match so if you have an extra canopy to share that will be nice.   There will be a portapotty.  Bring chairs, drinks and food you need.  No concessions at the range.

    Match needs for the Cold Turkey Match - The benchtops are approx. 24" square and 36" tall or slightly less depending how much landscaping is needed to get the bench level.   You will need to bring your own shooting stool, rest, bags, Kestrel, line windflags, spotting scope.  15 rounds for score at each distance with an unlimited number of sighters for each 5 min. prep time for 500 and 750yd, 7 min. prep at 1,000yards. (3 groups of 5 for score and a separate prep time for each string). If you make it to the shoot-off, double that number of rounds of ammo!

    Some of us tend to take lots of photos...if you want to share, bring a couple of USB Flash Drives to load, store, and share!

    I am sure that I have omitted something so check back for updates.

    And yes - once you have packed all the little things don't forget your GUNS!

    Lets all have fun this summer in Sundance and get your entries in early so the necessary targets and barbeque items can be planned.      Gary/MOA Shooters Committee

    Contact Numbers, Addresses

    M.O.A. Corporation, 285 Government Valley Rd., Sundance,WY 82729 (307)283-3030 Email:

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