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Photos of MOA's that we own, guns owned
by other Specialty Handgunners,some from
the various auction may own one
of them today!

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MOA's are not for "big game" only: This customized
6.5x47 Lapua with a 16" barrel shows that woodchucks
are not safe either. "flyinlizards" gun features an
aluminum insert Benchrest style forend, MOA's rotary
style muzzle brake, and wears a 6.5-20x44mm Vortex
Viper rifle scope. Using Hornady's 95gr. V-Max bullet
demonstrates that this gun is clearly capable of "multi-

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Gary Morris's MOA collection: This one is .243 Ackley
Improved with a stainless barrel in an 8" twist, to stab-
ilize those long VLD bullets. Complete with muzzle
brake and a Leupold 4.5x14 LR/T scope, this is a
great shooting rig...

This is Gary's purpose built PD gun; .243AI, blued
Chr. Moly barrel in 12" twist, muzzle brake. It sports
a Leupold 6.5-20 scope with sunshade attached.

Gary's .22 Steel Sighted Silhouette Pistol...nice! This is
what the original MOA concept aimed at: a super accurate
and reliable handgun that could stand up to the rigors of
competition use....this is a nice example.

Gary's Custom rig to shoot BR-50 features a full 1"
diameter, 20" barrel, Jard trigger, and a Leupold LR/T
4.5x14 scope with sunshade. It was built around the
MOA 10-22® replacement receiver. He reports it
shoots as good as it looks! Nice Rig!

10/22® is a Registered Trademark of Sturm, Ruger, & Co., Inc.

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This is Erik Bishop's gun in 6x47 Lapua while at a local
range, getting ready for a successful season. It features
a 17 3/4" Stainless barrel, a very fast 1 in 7" twist to
stabilize those long, slippery VLD bullets, with an MOA
current design) muzzle brake. The scope sits on an
MOA design scope rail, it is a Leupold 8.5-25 VX-III,
large 30mm tube, 50mmobjective, side focus, target
turrets (LR/T).Installed is an MOA aluminum reinforced
benchrest forend, and is shown with a Harris Bipod.

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Dean Grua sent a photo of his 30BR gun and told us:
"Here's a pic of my .30BR. It's a 1992 gun, ordered
complete from Mike Dayton.After a brief load
workup, with sight settings for 50 meters only,
I entered it in Production class in Bloomington,
Indiana's monthly silhouette match, with the intent
of getting the rest of the sight settings. I only miss-ed
one chicken, but he was at 200 meters. A 40x40 with
9x10 shootoffs; outstanding for a brand new handgun.
The lone chicken I missed was the first one at 200
meters...I guessed wrong on the sight setting to use!"

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From Harry Marsh, Pensacola, Florida:

"This is my MOA Maximum I bought recently, previously
owned. It came with two barrels, a.308 Winchester and
a .250 Savage (bottom photo). I have a Burris 3x12 IER
mounted on it, with Target Turrets. It's a wonderfully
accurate handgun and has completely taken over as my
favorite SP. I added a Ross Muzzle brake to the .308
Winchester (top photo) barrel and it really tamed the
recoil. This will be my first year hunting with it, there-
fore I have no trophy..yet...However, I plan to rectify
that situation this deer season!"

(Harry...we've seen the groups you've shot on your Fuzz (C&J Machine)
Rest......we know you will "rectify" the situation...Good Hunting!)
Harry just sent a range target (above) photo...WOW!..No wonder you
are grinning!)

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This is an excellent example of a later model (2006)
M.O.A. in 6.5-284, it features a stainless frame,
tapered stainless barrel with "rotary" M.O.A. muz-
zle brake, and extended scope rail to allow better
scope mounting options. This appeared last year
year on an auction site, and I still regret not
purchasing it...

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This was on an online site a couple of years ago, 14"
tapered chrome moly blued barrel, in 7mm-08. It came
with the 2.5-8x Leupold, and went for a "song" when
I forgot about it.....another regret! This represents
an MOA that can be purchased reasonably, and in it's
current configuration, can take most game found in
the lower 48...

The above YouTube video accompanied the ad for sale....

(Click on Image to Enlarge....)

A good example of a nice, multi-barrel set-up. If memory
serves, the blued barrel is a 6PPC, and the stainless barrel
is a 250 Savage, (both 14" length ?) featuring the earlier
MOA rotary design muzzle brake.

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