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These are links to sites that we find interesting and important to our
sport. All are outstanding within our industry, and we recommend them.

Specialty Pistols
The forum "Dedicated to the Further Development of Handguns"
If you are interested in Specialty Handgunning, this may be the
place you've been looking's the place where we gather!

6mmBR and Accurate Shooter Forums

This forum is dedicated to obtaining the best accuracy from you and your equipment.

Handgun Hunter Magazine

The magazine for the serious handgun hunter! As per their mission statement:
"This magazine is dedicated solely to handgun hunters around the world. A
place where everyone can share their stories, their photos, their experience,
and their love of the sport of handgun hunting."

The forum for almost everything concerning Benchrest Shooting!
If this is your first visit to this "online magazine", make sure
you have ample time! If you shoot or hunt, you will find numerous
articles that will captivate you!


Welcome to the NEW IHMSA Forum!
If it has been a while, stop in and see what is new in the IHMSA !

Steelchickens Silhouette Forum

Where the Silhouette Shooters gather.....
Keep in contact with silhouette shooters all across the world.

Silhouette Extravaganza

Hosted by the Los Angeles Silhouette Club every Labor Day Weekend...This
is The Shooting Sports Event That Has Drawn Shooters From Five Continents !!
The Firearms Forum features numerous unique and appealing
categories and features that will certainly be of interest you!

One of the most informative and diversified forums for everything "outdoors".

Saubier Small Caliber Forum
"Dedicated to the advancement of small caliber firearms"

Doug's Message Boards
Probably best known for their excellent dedicated forum for Smokeless
Muzzleloading, Doug's offers many areas of popular outdoor interests.

Takdriver's Forum
A great forum for the shooting sports, and featuring dedicated
Rimfire, Benchrest, Reloading Categories, and MORE!
This forum is a great source for news about our sport, as well as what is New.

National Shooting Sports Foundation
This organization's goal is to Promote, Protect, and Preserve Hunting and Shooting......

Jesse's Hunting & Outdoors Forum
Your premier on-line reference for the outdoors since 1998

Gunboard's Forums
"For Collector's...By Collectors"
This forum contains many interesting and unique threads.
A great forum dedicated to Hunting and the Shooting Sports!
"The #1 Resource for Shooters in Arizona!"

The foremost web site on all things Tactical and LR. Full of attitude...
...and information. If you have an interest in Long Range accuracy,
make sure you check them out!

Accurate Reloading Forums
This forum has evolved into a headquarters for all things shooting!
The above photo is their "fabled" reloading lab!

This forum is dedicated to all aspects and disciplines of the Rimfire Shooter
from the staunch competitor to the casual plinker, you'll find a subject that
captures your interest.

Down Range TV
Grab a cup of coffee and interact with fellow forum members about guns,
gear, training, shooting techniques and everything else you want to share,
comment or discuss.

Nodak Outdoors
This forum is dedicated to North Dakota outdoor sports!

The Firing Line
"The leading online forum for firearms enthusiasts"

Hunting Firearms
A down to earth forum: numerous categories that exclude all things frivolous!

The Open Range
This forum celebrates all that is the West, including (of course) a
generous amount of the shootin' sports! The cowboy in 'ya will love it!

Northwest Forums
This active and interesting forum community is a great online resource
For Hunters-By Hunters!
A great forum featuring numerous topics devoted to hunting!

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