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(Above:) Dusty Wall of Gillette, Wyoming with his 2012 Pronghorn... his first with a Handgun. He was using his 6.5x47 Lapua with a full bull 18" barrel, Benchrest forend, MOA side discharge muzzle brake, and a Mueller rifle scope.

(Above:) Ernie Bishop shares a video of his 2012 WY. Doe
Pronghorn Hunt, using a 14" barreled MOA in .308 Win.

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(Above:) Erik Bishop took this Excellent Wyoming Antelope with his MOA Maximum, 17" Stainless barrel, MOA muzzle brake, in 6x47 Lapua caliber in 2008. Equipped with a Leupold 8.5x25-50mm LR/T VX-3 scope with 30mm tube, sitting on an MOA scope rail. Erik has the wide BR forend, with the aluminum insert system, supported on a steady Harris bipod. Way to go, Erik!

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(Above:) Mark Hampton took this massive 12-point "Show Me State" Whitetail in November, 2009. He is shooting his MOA in .308, with a 3-12X Burris scope.
Nice Going Mark!

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(Above:) Mike Zuba sent the above photos with a great write-up following their 2009 Wyoming Hunt...

"All were taken with my 7 Sundance MOA with a 8.5x25x 50 LR Lupy with a Varmint Hunter reticle, a Horus ASLI kit, with a 168g Berger VLD bullet pushed by H414 powder. A Muscle brake from Center Shot Rifles, forend from Bower Shooting Products(al bedded), Seekens picatinney base for bipod (which also has a hole for a sling or Harris style bipod), and a Rock Creek Barrels SOPMOD bipod. Sure did like the way it's feet grip into the ground to load up the bipod!

To help make my 'lucky' shots I also used a Krestrel 4000 weather station, Verizon HTC phone with Exbal ballistic software, Kahles binocs, Decot Hy-Wyd shooting glasses.. yellow for over cast days and 'rose' color for sunny days, Peltor Tac 6 hearing protection, Leica CRF 1200 Rangemaster, homemade rear shooting bag and an Eberlestock Dragonfly backpack to carry equipment and take out the meat. The biggest help came from all the IHMSA silhouette shooters over the last eight years with shooting and reloading tips. Not to mention all the time on the shooting range burning powder. Then the long range skills were started with the clinic that Ernie Bishop, Steve Hugel and Marc Sheehan put on in CO. Now I would recommend the MOA shoot with all the wealth of information from all the shooters there, not to mention shooting 'practice' at long ranges. Almost forgot to mention the antelope was shot at 180 yds and the mule deer at 562 yds. The 'lope dropped in its tracks and the deer was within 10 yds. of a little knoll he stepped onto so I could see him from across the coulee. Oh...BTW..

Mule deer is delicious!"

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(Above:) Mike Zuba's Antelope buck, taken during the 2008 SP Bartman Hunt in Wyoming. Mike used his MOA in 7mm Sundance, 17" SS bbl. w/MOA brake, shooting Berger 168gr. VLD's with H4350. The gun is equipped with a Leupold 6.5x20 scope, and a Harris bipod. "The pic was shot after close to an hour stalk and shot at 405yds, he made a 10' circle, and dropped where I shot him".

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(Above:) Mike's son, Matt Zuba's Antelope, taken during 2007 SP Bartman Hunt in Wyoming. Matt says..."I shot this nice doe antelope with Ernie Bishop spotting for me, at approx. 250 yards. My MOA is a 6.5-284, 17" barrel, Leupold 6.5-20 Vari-X 3 Scope, using a 140 Amax, I have taken 7 animals with that setup and really like the gun".

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(Above:) Ryan Valentine, with his Antelope, taken during 2008 SP Bartman Hunt in Wyoming. He was using Mike Zubas MOA in 7mm Sundance.

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(Above:) Kristen Bishop demonstrates her abilities with an MOA .....

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This page has been created by the "MOA Shooters Committee", comprised of past and future participants of the MOA Match, with the permission and acknowledgment of Gateway Precision Arms and MOA Corporation. The Committee's interest is to promote and enhance participation in this Match, and in the sport of long range handgunning. Our combined goal is to "share the knowledge of techniques, technology, and equipment that will enhance our experience and success in the sport". Our continual interest in product development and improvement via our feedback as users, will serve to stimulate vendor participation with the introduction of products that work for our (handgunning) needs. And finally, by encouraging the "new" shooter, we will enable the sport to grow.

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