MOA Shooters Committee Match Entry Form MOA Shooters Committee Match Entry Form
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2017 Long Range Handgun Match Entry

3 Days, June 15, 16, & 17th! Handguns Only!

 Name     _____________________________________________________________________________________

 Address  _____________________________________________________________________________________


Telephone:   _______________________________   Cell Phone (optional): ______________________________

Light Gun:   ___________Hunter Class:_____________ Heavy Gun:   ________________

Handgun:____________Chambering:__________Barrel length:__________ Ttl. Gun Weight:____________


Bench Match (Prepayment*) Fees:**
Entry Fee: $70.00 (either Light, Hunter, or Heavy Class) Each additional entry discounted to $60.00.
Re-entries are $40.00 each _ (re-entry does not count for score, prizes, or awards)

Entry Fee: Spouse & Children (age 10 to 14 yrs.) (minimum 10 yrs or older to compete) $30.00      Re-entries $25.00 each
*Bench Match Entries paid the day of the shoot will be charged an extra $10.00...please save money, pay in advance!*

          **We ask that you PLEASE submit your Bench Match entries by May 15th, 2017, so that we can adequately plan, food, etc.**                                                  

                                       Make Check to: Richard Mertz (1,000 yd Handgun Club)

Mail to:   Richard Mertz (1,000 yd Handgun Club)
                                                            285 Government Valley Rd
                                                            Sundance,     WY     82729          

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