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Spotlight on our Past Prize Donors!
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Our Thanks to Roy Huntington, Editor of American Handgunner, and FMG Publications who have granted us permission to host this on our site(s).
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The History....                                       

        In the late 1990's Specialty Handgunning was growing... IHMSA was popular, and John Gammuto's publication, Shooter's News, created and sponsored the "Long Range Pistol Championships", which consisted of 100 and 200 yard bench matches, shot for group. The 1st Championship was fired at The Ben Avery Range in Arizona in October of 1998. The 2nd was held to precede the famous "Super Shoot" at Kelbly's Range in North Lawrence, Ohio. My son Steven and I shot the match there in May of 1999, and did quite well using our Maximums in 6PPC and .22PPC; shooting against both factory and "custom" bench guns... we took home 6 of the 7 medals that were awarded! Though the 3rd Championship was scheduled at Kelbly's for May of 2000; sadly, it never happened due to the unfortunate demise of Shooter's News. Kelbly's later eliminated the pistol event from the Super Shoot schedule....simple truth was there were many rifle competitors, and only a handful of pistol shooters. From what was a bright and promising future....

         In 2006, at the invitation of Ernie Bishop, I attended the Don Bower Pistol Shooting Clinic in Nebraska...where instructors Marc Sheehan, Steve Hugel and Ernie demonstrated methods for shooting Specialty Handguns at Long Range. Participants "Slim" Lundeen, Ben Nolan, and myself were impressed with the equipment, techniques, and the enthusiasm that we encountered.... this experience was the catalyst for starting the MOA Match....providing other Specialty Handgunners a "national" arena in which to gather, and compete. Our goal was to provide a challenge to our shooters....and what better test than to shoot handguns out to 1,000 yards! In 2007 the first MOA "Cold Turkey" Match was held, and in 2008 and 2009 we expanded the match slowly, making small changes to the rules, equipment classes, etc.

The Future....We hope you will join us!

         In September 2009, while on a Wyoming Pronghorn Hunt, several of our friends and fellow shooters determined to form a "Shooters Committee"; they have zealously taken on the role of boosters for the MOA Match, helping to do some of the tasks and activities associated with a "growing" match, as well as much more! Their "endeavors" include a national magazine article centered entirely around the 2009 MOA Match, as well as creating a website that chronicles and publicizes the Match; and they have been very active and successful in obtaining Industry Support to provide our shooters with a fantastic prize table! Additionally, in 2010 we added an Iron Sight Match at 500 yards, as well as a "Roving Field Course", which is probably best described as a Tactical/Hunt/Stalk Match which is shot on steel rather than paper. Distances are unknown to the Shooter...and they are allowed "technology" aids such as rangefinders and optics, and of course...a spotting partner. This event was very popular, especially with our younger shooters! Subsequently, due to the new events, and the increased publicizing of the event, and the outstanding vendor participation, the MOA Match grew in 2010 by more than 300% over the previous year! Again, Thank You to all who so generously donated prizes, as well as to our great competitors in the event!

      The Committee has also created Printable Match Flyers which have found their way into the hands of handgun shooters from Washington State to Florida....if you can print a few up and post them at your local range, gun shop or... simply get a flyer into the hands of an interested fellow shooter that is not "computer tolerant"... we will be in your debt!

              For 2011 we expanded our IHMSA type "Freestyle" 500 yard Event to include a separate Match for any IHMSA Legal Scoped Handgun. For our traditional matches, we increased the number of benches we use, (to reduce the number of relays) as well as to build additional metal target stands, which eliminated delays while we transition targets to another yardage.. In 2011 Target Scoring was done while the next relay is firing to further speed things along. In 2012 we eliminated "pasting" targets between relays, as we will double the number of target boards. So that we can react early to accomodate shooter attendance numbers...please get your Entry Form in early for 2018!  Click for the Match Rules and Information Page.

If you have any questions concerning the 2018 Match, please feel free to contact Rich Mertz at (307)283-3030. Rich will be conducting the Match as usual, regardless of the sale of the MOA product line.

Our Invitation to the World!

  International Shooters: Please be sure to submit your entry early so that we may provide any necessary correspondence that you may require. This is the BATF application form that is required to obtain approval to bring your fire arms and ammunition into the United States. Start early to coordinate your Wyoming Holiday around our 2018 Match schedule!

See you in Sundance...we'll be waiting!

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