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Frequently   Asked   Questions

How to load the MAXIMUM pistol

  • Pull the hammer back to the rear or cocked position.  Push the transfer button to the safe (S) position (which is up).

  • Pull the lever all the way forward, to drop the breech block to the down position.

  • Tilt the muzzle of the pistol downward.  Insert a cartridge over the top of the hammer, into the chamber of the pistol.  When a cartridge is completely into the chamber, return the lever to the closed position.  Be sure that the lever is flush with the handle.

  • Make sure the transfer button is left in the up or safe (S) position.  Place your thumb on the hammer and hold it while you release the trigger.  Gently let the hammer move forward.

  • When ready to fire the pistol, cock the hammer and push the transfer button down to the fire (F) position.

  • Never carry the pistol loaded with the transfer button on the fire (F) position.  This may result in accidental firing of the pistol!

  • NOTE:  The transfer button is located on the right hand side of the pistol  (S) is for safety and (F) is for fire.

  • How to change the barrel on the MAXIMUM pistol

  • First remove the screws in the bottom of the forearm.  Then slide the forearm forward off the receiver.  It's best to remove the grip panels and secure the grip frame in a bench vise.

  • Next, remove the barrel lock pin screw.  Then remove the lock pin.

  • Insert the spanner wrench into the wrench hole, in the bottom of the barrel, (be sure the action is all the way open so the extraction will clear the extractor slot in the barrel, or damage to the barrel may occur).  Then break the barrel loose by turning counter clockwise.

  • TIP:  Slip a piece of paper down between the barrel and receiver around the barrel.  This helps to prevent scratching the barrel on receiver.

  • Once the barrel is broke loose, screw the barrel out by hand.

  • Place the new barrel into the receiver and screw it in hand tight.  (Be sure the serial number on the barrel matches the serial number on the receiver).  Then attach the spanner wrench to the barrel.  Place the lock pin back in it's hole and while holding slight pressure inward on the lock pin, turn spanner wrench clockwise, tightening barrel until the lock pin snaps into place.

  • Replace the barrel lock pin screw.

  • If the new barrel chambering requires a different size extractor, remove the lever pivot pin screw, and drop the extractor and lever out of the bottom of the receiver.  Insert the proper extractor (be sure to hook the extractor spring into the extractor spring pin).  Align the extractor slot and lever hole with the hole in the receiver.  Insert the screw and tighten.  The change is then complete.

  • Replace the forearm and the grips.


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